Sudbury Fitcamp - Fit Is The New Skinny

Customer Testimonials

  • "Being a busy mom of two young boys, energy is my secret weapon to getting through each day. Attending the Fitcamp sessions provide me with not only the physical strength and energy I need but also the mental health and balance that my hectic life requires. Moms always tend to put themselves last or forget to take "me" time. I highly recommend Sudbury Fitcamp to any mom out there. Not only will you get that much needed "Me" time, you'll also get that "hot momma" body every mom really wants!"

    - Sylvie Dubreuil-Schiewek

  • "I've had 2 kids within two years and I wanted to get back into shape. My daughter was in the Little Ninja program and I liked the club atmosphere. It is very family oriented, professional and down to earth. You feel like family. My husband and I joined shortly after we registered my daughter and we all love it! Jenn has definitely kicked my butt back into shape. I've lost over 25 lbs so far, I'm much stronger and my cardio has improved immensely. I can play with my kids now, I can keep up, I can enjoy them instead of sitting on the sidelines. I'm finally doing something for myself and it's paying off in spades! So, if you're sitting on the couch saying "I'll start tomorrow" stop and do something for yourself today! Sign up, you'll love the way you feel after you've earned a few beads of sweat. No pain, no gain."

    - Cindy Schiewek

  • "Good posture and strong core muscles are needed to maintain a healthy spine and to prevent injury. As a chiropractor, I highly recommend this training for my patients and for anyone looking to improve their spinal health. The instructors are highly qualified and always watching the participants to insure they are doing the exercises correctly. This workout will help you lose weight, decrease stress, and increase strength and flexibility. And you will have fun while you are doing it!"

    - Dr. Janna-Marie Doni