Sudbury Fitcamp - Fit Is The New Skinny

Fitcamp FAQ

1) So what can someone expect from FIT CAMP?
Training 3 days a week from 7am-8am involving body weight exercises, kettlebell exercises, kickboxing workouts, all involving a combination of cardio training and strength and conditioning methods to get the results you want.
2) If I haven't trained for years will I be able to keep up?
We provide modifications for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. That way there is room to grow within our fitcamp. No matter how much experience you have in training, we guarantee results by the time you finish our program. You will be so excited with your increased fitness, you will want to keep going to see what levels you can achieve.
3) How can I sign up?
You can quickly sign up using our PayPal TWO Weeks for $20 trial (first time customers only) or you can contact us now to arrange your sign up in person.
4) What do I need to bring?

The only thing you need is your workout clothing. When you sign up for Fitcamp there is a registration package that gets you your Fitcamp T-shirt and a skipping rope. We provide the rest of the equipment used. We train in barefeet. If you require running shoes, please make sure they are indoor shoes only.

5) When can I begin?
Our Fitcamp is ongoing, so there is never a bad time to start. The only time our fitness camp is not training hard is during special holidays, so please check with our Facebook Page to confirm schedule changes during the holiday season.